Opening a season: the Shefim water park opens to the general public

Just before the holiday of Shavuot, and the Shefim water park opens the bathing season again. The park, which will officially open this coming weekend, will allow entry only to those who have reserved places in advance through the website, according to the dates the park is open and to avoid congestion.

The old park has undergone a significant facelift in recent years, and now you can find a huge and colorful slide complex, Rainbow Slides with 14 sliding tracks (starting at the age of seven), the largest wave pool in Israel, a large pirate ship from which six slides and water cannons go out into a large pool, four slides Racer on a special board, an extremely fast storm slide for ages 12 and up, kamikaze slides – extremely fast extreme slides for ages 10 and up and a winding slide on an exciting slalom track for children from four years old and adults.

פארק המים שפיים  (צילום: גיא סידי Modern Talking)
Shafim Water Park (Photo: Guy Sidi Modern Talking)

Tube slides and tracks include Fantasy, a double tube ride on a dark track with special effects and Crazy Cones, a tube slide unique of its kind in Israel – where you go up, flip and continue, 3 times.

For the little ones, there are designated areas, such as Children's World, suitable for ages two and up, which is designed like a Caribbean beach with fountains, timed according to the music and lighting, a huge water tap, slides, play facilities, a toddler pool, and more, and a jungle area for toddlers and children from one year old.

Also, the park is very spacious and includes shaded and accessible seating areas, and you can order food from the buffets using a QR code, and simply pick it up when it's ready. In Far you will find innovative food complexes with a large selection of drinks, pastries, sandwiches and snacks, full meals and indulgent desserts.

Opening hours: 9:00-16:00.
Discounted entry price for those ordering through the website : only NIS 105 during the month of June. From July onwards NIS 119 during the week, NIS 129 on Saturdays.


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