Strauss Group's profits jumped in the first quarter by 18.7% to NIS 159 million

Four times in the last months (some after the period of the current reports) the Strauss group increased a series of food products by up to 25%. Strauss explained the increases in the prices of raw materials. However, the fact that she was put on the "black list" of Economy Minister Nir Barkat, did not prevent her from presenting excellent financial reports.

Strauss Group's profits jumped in the first quarter of 2024 by 18.7% compared to the corresponding quarter last year, to NIS 159 million. The group's revenues increased by 1.4% to NIS 2.59 billion. The big crisis that hit the group a year ago is behind it. The price increases that were the quarter and also in the period after it were one of the reasons for the improvement in profit.

As part of the implementation of the strategy, the group completed the sale of the coffee company in Serbia for 38.8 million euros. The group's confectionery activity continues to recover, with growth and an increase in market shares. The improvement in results is evident in all sectors of activity, including Strauss Israel, Strauss Coffee International (increase in revenue and increase in market share in Brazil), Strauss Water (increase in revenue) and the companies Sabra and Avella. The activity in the USA in the dipping sector.

President and CEO of the group, Shay Babad : "We are continuing the implementation of the group's strategic plan to focus on core activities and investments in the development of strategic growth engines, which will lead the group in the coming years. All this, alongside continued organizational efficiency and dealing with the increase in the prices of raw materials."


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