With an investment of millions of shekels: Yatvata cooperates with Meliotis to establish a green and antibiotic-free dairy farm

The Yatbata dairy announced an investment of millions of shekels in the Israeli biopharmaceutical company Mileutis from Ness Ziona and the expansion of their cooperation, in which they will implement for the first time in the world an innovative model that will be a prototype for the management of a green dairy without the need for routine use of antibiotics. The project is carried out under the leadership of Yatava Dairy, Yatava Dairy and other dairy farms that supply milk to Yatava Dairy. Yatava Dairy is part of the Strauss Group.

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The move illustrates Milotis' mission to significantly improve milk quality and redefine the dairy industry so that it can replace the current reliance on antibiotics with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Yatva already announced in the past its intention to reduce the use of antibiotics for the treatment and prevention of udder infections in cows in the dairy farms that supply it with milk in Israel and to replace them with Milotis' Imilac™ product.

The expansion of the partnership comes after a successful trial conducted by Milotis in collaboration with Yatbata that proved the effectiveness of the Imilac preparation in replacing antibiotics that are routinely given to dairy cows during the dry period. The experiment, which involved over 500 cows in seven large dairy farms in Israel, led to an improvement in the quality and quantity of milk given by the cows.

Milautis' Imilac™ and Milac™ products represent a paradigm shift in the dairy industry. First, they enable a greater milk yield and thereby a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per kg of milk while reducing the use of antibiotics in dairy farms by up to 90%, along with other products in development, a move that will enable dealing with the global problem of antibiotic resistance. The preparations also improve The comfort and well-being of the cows in the barns, increase the incomes of the dairy farmers and ensure the economic accessibility to food of high nutritional value in sufficient quantity.

Milotis' technology, which helps in the rapid drying process of the cow without the use of antibiotics, is particularly relevant in Israel these days for the farms that are on the conflict line. In cases where a quick evacuation of the barn is required or where there is no access for personnel to the barn for security reasons, Milotis' technology saves a lot of suffering for the cows and loss of income for the dairy farmers.

Milotis plans to bring its preparation to the dairy and veterinary industry and estimates are that it could generate an annual revenue turnover of more than a billion dollars worldwide. Imilac™ is the first in a line of patented Milotis products that address the growing concern about milk quality and the sustainability of the global dairy industry.

"We are excited to take the next step in improving the dairy industry for all parties – consumers, dairy farmers and of course the cows themselves," said David Iskovic, CEO and co-founder of Milotis. "The agreement with Yatbata is another milestone on the way to realizing our vision to lead the The dairy industry, which faces significant challenges, for a sustainable future. Large dairies around the world have already recognized that our innovative solutions improve the quality of milk and make it healthier for consumers and at the same time more environmentally friendly and promote animal welfare."

Ram Sargo, CEO of Strauss' Yatbata Dairies: "In recent years, we have been leading the 'Sustaining Farm' program in the farms that work with us, which emphasizes sustainability and cow welfare. The launch of the antibiotic-free green barn program in Tivata, together with the Milotis company, will help us deepen the impact we have on cow welfare and implement an important part of the sustainability goals in the barns. For our dairy farmers this will be a significant breakthrough, which will affect the quality and yield of milk. Also, it will have an effect on the health of the herd and preservation of the environment, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Milotis was founded by the company's CEO, David Javier Iskovic, jointly with his father, Dr. Jose Iskovic, an expert epidemiologist, based on the initial technology of the Volcanic Institute, the father's research and the expertise of both. The company employs over 50 people and its offices are in the Science Park next to the Weizmann Institute.


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