From explosion to explosion: Biden may break things with Israel

Israel announced today (Monday) that the initial findings following the explosion in Rafah are that civilians died from a fire that broke out there, after the IDF carried out an attack on senior Hamas officials. So far, the Palestinians claim that 45 civilians have been killed and dozens more injured.

After the explosion in Rafah: Qatar's severe warning to Israel

In the meantime, Israel estimates that the harm to Gazan citizens during the assassination of two senior Hamas officials will not affect the creation of the fighting in Rafah, however, a former senior official at the US Department of Defense, Adam Clements, claimed in an interview with the Saudi Al-Hadth news outlet that Biden is under pressure from within the Democratic Party itself and from the Republicans and Congress who are opposed to stopping shipments The weapon for Israel.

"There is concern in light of this bombing and the human suffering. I believe that Israel has lost much of its respect in the international arena and that the United States has also lost it. I understand that the US allowed Israel to defend itself after what happened on October 7th, but I agree with many of your viewers that it crossed a lot of red lines in the background of what happened in Gaza. I believe that the US is the only power in the world that can pressure Israel on a level Political and security," he said at the beginning of his remarks.

According to him, "I believe that the American administration should support what it stated a few weeks ago when it froze arms shipments to Israel and now it seems that Israel is escalating its attack in Rafah, and if the American administration intends to stand by what it stated a few weeks ago it should freeze arms to Israel. On a political level, I also believe that President Biden Subject to pressures within the Democratic Party itself and from the Republicans and Congress who oppose the cessation of arms shipments to Israel. So, the situation is not ideal and I believe that now we must stop what is happening because if the attack in Rafah continues as it is now we will see if the administration will live up to what it stated a few weeks ago."

תקיפת צה''ל ברפיח (צילום: רויטרס)
IDF attack in Rafah (Photo: Reuters)

Let's recall that at the beginning of this month , the American government stopped shipments of bombs weighing a ton. In response to the words, President Biden said that they "were used by Israel to kill an uninvolved civilian population." In an interview with CNN he said that "if Israel operates in areas with dense population concentrations in Rafah – we will stop supplying more bombs and shells".

A security official said in a conversation with "Khan Haudas" that Israel is looking for a route bypassing Washington for the purchase of weapons, in the shadow of the fear that the United States will intensify its measures following the expected IDF operation in Rafah.

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