Israeli hackers claim: "We shut down the electricity system in Tehran"

A group of Israeli cyber warriors called @WeRedEvils, who have been active since the beginning of the war, claim that they broke into the electricity grid in Tehran on Wednesday evening – and cut it off for about two hours, hinting that among those cut off was Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei .

They wrote on their Telegram channel: "In recent days, we managed to break into dozens of sensitive Iranian systems that we will not go into detail about, including the electricity system in Tehran and surrounding villages . We disconnected them from the electricity and left tens of thousands of residents without communication and electricity for two hours until this moment. This is a message from us to Iran, don't play around Fire. The next blow will be more severe with many casualties and it will be different from the cyber attacks you know."

In fact, they began their activity with the beginning of the war, and so far they have managed to break into and delete all the content, data and links that were on the Telegram channel called Gazanow. They wrote: "We will destroy, we will hack, we will destroy everything related to Hamas."

A few days before, they managed to take down a number of Palestinian news websites, the Al Jazeera website and also the website of Hamas itself. In addition, they claimed that they disabled the activity and WhatsApp accounts of those responsible for the shelter program in northern Gaza. At the same time, they published files in which it is claimed that there are credit card details of close to a million Iranians, alongside the details of another 42 million.


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