Proush's combine: this is how he arranged for his wife and two children to reach Miron

The wife and two sons of Minister Meir Parosh, who is responsible for Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's revelry, were present at Mount Meron this weekend – this, even though the place and the grave complex were declared a closed military area, and their names were not included in the list of people who received a residence permit as required, as reported this evening (Monday) The journalist Yaki Adamkar Bvala.

After the cancellation of the Hashabi revelry in Meron, the police are preparing to prevent entry to the mountain

According to the report, the minister's office did not deny their presence there, but claimed that the minister's wife helped him "with his personal needs", and his two sons served as the minister's drivers during the revelry, according to approval from the vehicle administration. It was also reported that according to eyewitnesses, the minister's wife Rachel and his sons – Nahum, and Israel, who previously served as the mayor of Elad – were seen in Moshav during the last weekend. They arrived at the location even though the commander of the Home Front Command declared the area a "closed military area, and the stay was approved only for those with special permits granted by virtue of the law approved last week in the Knesset for a limited circle of participants.

By virtue of the law, in the formulation of which he was intensively involved, Minister Parosh granted residence permits to hundreds of participants – including rebbes and rabbis, their associates, ultra-Orthodox businessmen, representatives of the families of the Miron disaster, residents of Miron and others. The publication of the list provoked widespread public criticism against Parosh, even within the ultra-Orthodox public. .

The office of Minister Forosh informed Walla that "According to the law regulating Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's revelry event at Mount Meron, no stay limit was imposed on those who are required to come to the Miron compound, for the purpose of their work, and to be present in the Miron compound, in the compound of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai or in the Bnei Akiva compound For the purpose of fulfilling his responsibility in managing the revelry in Miron, the minister is assisted by his team and other officials in the office."

ההכנות להילולה במירון (צילום: דוברות המשטרה)
The preparations for the revelry in Miron (photo: Police spokespersons)

The minister's office also stated that he stayed in Moshav Miron a few days before the revelry, and that "for this purpose he had to be helped by his wife who helped him with his personal needs. The minister's sons, Israel and Nahum, serve as the minister's drivers during the revelry in Lag BaOmer around the clock, starting in 2016 and also during Holy month. The minister's sons registered and received approval from the vehicle manager as authorized to drive the government vehicle. By virtue of his position, the minister managed the event around the clock and the drivers on duty were required to be by his side. The permanent minister's driver, Mr. Israel Wertheimer, staffed the joint police department of the ministry and the police, a position he has been performing for many years.

As I recall, yesterday the police emphasized that choosing to go to the mountain area despite the order of the commander of the Home Front Command are serious acts that endanger the lives of the public and the police. Moreover, these are the days when the security danger hangs in the air and it was not for nothing that alarms were sounded due to the launching of missiles into the area, so the gathering of hundreds in a wooded area and nearby areas constitutes a violation of the law.

Since the beginning of the war, dozens of rockets have been fired in the direction of Mount Miron, and a large number of them have fallen at points where tens of thousands of people have passed over the years, and as mentioned, the special measures and assessments of the Israel Police are intended to ensure the safety of the public.


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