Sun Dor returns to Terminal 1 and lowers flight prices

Following the return of Terminal 1 to full operation, Sun Dor of the El Al Group is moving most of its flights to Terminal 1. The return to Terminal 1 will allow the company to regulate the loads at the check-in counters in both terminals.

The flight lines, which will move to Terminal 1 on June 2nd, are Paphos and Larnaca in Cyprus; Kefalonia, Rhodes, Sitia (Crete), and Thessaloniki in Greece; Tbilisi and Tumi in Georgia; and Chisinau in Moldova.

In addition, since the port taxes collected from customers departing from Terminal 1 are $14 lower compared to the tax collected from those departing from Terminal 3 – Sun Dor will refund the difference in tax to customers who purchased flight tickets for flights departing from Terminal 1, and will reward them with $14 per ticket. The refund will be made automatically to the payment method. Customers who made the reservation through travel agents will receive the refund through them. Meanwhile, the difference in the amount of the port tax will allow Sun Dor to reduce the prices of the flights that will take off from Terminal 1 by $14 per ticket.

Flights to the following destinations will continue to take off from Terminal 3: Porto in Portugal, Warsaw and Krakow in Poland, and Tivat in Montenegro.


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