The former head of the investigation department in the police calls for the firing of Ben Gabir: "bypassing the commissioner"

"An illegal hearing from which there is suspicion of foreign considerations" stated this morning (Tuesday) Legal Adviser to the Government Gali Beharve-Miara, in a letter she sent to the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gabir , referring to the notice of the hearing he sent to the Police Commissioner Ranz Kobi Shabtai, In the shadow of the storm that was revealed between the two. Against the background of these things, the former head of the investigation department in the police, retired chief attorney Yossi Sedvon, spoke with Yoni Hilleli on 104.5fm and commented on the issue.

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"Recently we have witnessed many malfunctions in the functioning of ministers, of the entire government and of Minister Ben Gabir who decided to summon the Commissioner for a very problematic hearing," he said at the beginning of the conversation.

Later, the retired superintendent referred to the arguments of the Israel Defense Forces that stand behind her assertion that the hearing is illegal: "Because it was only after the commissioner complained against the minister that the minister decided to invite him to a hearing – it looks like a punitive action and a signal to the entire Israel Police – 'Don't touch flesh'" , said.

גלי בהרב-מיארה (צילום: יונתן זינדל, פלאש 90)
Gali Beharb-Miara (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

"I am amazed at my fellow officers who are still in the service, that everyone is silent, the minister does as he pleases, comes to the High Court and is told that it is forbidden to interfere in the demonstrations, not before, not after, and nothing."

When you said you marvel at your fellow officers, what can they do?
"Go out and say their thing, they won't be appointed commissioners anyway. The considerations for appointments here really seem ridiculous. I think the minister's judgment cannot be trusted. There will be many others who, following the appointments of the commissioner appointed on behalf of the minister, will interpret knowledge and a significant amount of experience will be lost from the Israel Police, and the ones who will be harmed are the citizens, we will receive a less good and less professional service."

Sedvon also pointed out that "the Israel Police must enforce the law regardless of religion, race, gender and political opinion. It must take the same hand towards everyone – this is not what the minister is broadcasting. If he calls the commander of the Tel Aviv district and claims passionately in the midst of a demonstration and also dismisses him, even One did not appoint the minister to be commissioner."

He later harshly criticized the actions of Minister Ben Gvir: "Bypassing the commissioner, leaking over his head, firing him – the minister should be fired. The Israel Police cannot be politically biased, must take the same hand towards everyone – this is not what the minister is broadcasting."

He also said: "No one appointed the minister to be Commissioner", and scolded: "He does not meet the criteria for recruitment".

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir. Credit: Minister's Office (Photo: Minister's Spokesperson)

Later in the conversation, when asked about the delay in the investigation of the former head of the Bar Association, Efi Neve, and the retired president of the district court, Eitan Hornstein, he replied: "There is no doubt that we will have to wait for the results of the investigation, I know that there are many investigations that started with a high-profile voice and ended with a moment of silence. In this matter, I was I suggest waiting to receive the versions, assuming that at the end the prosecutor's office will have to decide if there is evidence or not. In any case, this is a very difficult step that requires the approvals at the highest level. This is usually the state attorney as well as the prosecutor. It's definitely not easy, I guess they wouldn't have done this if there wasn't an evidentiary basis for opening an investigation, which is a problematic thing like no other for them. The recordings we heard are definitely worrying."


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