Ben Caspit on the uproar over the rebellion video: "Yair Netanyahu shared – this is already a dictatorship"

A war of iron swords: Ben Caspit and Vinon Magal discussed today ( Tuesday ) in their program on 103FM about the progress of the war in the Gaza Strip against the background of the entry into the city of Rafah.

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Ben: "Netanyahu is not ready to hear a word of criticism."

Yanon: "You keep writing that sharing is not necessarily consent. Now Yair Netanyahu has shared, and it's already a dictatorship. Where were you in all your refusals? You shared with all the military veterans and offensive cyber, and 8200, every puff they would say about refusals You would share them. This is the worst hour for some of the military commentators. It became a political event. I don't want to go into names. Military commentators have become political commentators as part of your campaign of just not Bibi."

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Yanon: "You don't leave the land, the land vomits you out, it's not that a person makes a decision to leave the land. It is written explicitly in the Torah. Whoever does not follow what is written, the land vomits him up. There is a menu. You walk in God's way, you are in the land. You No? Bye, I look at the screen when I'm talking to you, I've grown a beard to Omar."

Ben: "There are three Omars in the captivity of Hamas, this is his association. What's the punch? Those who find it difficult to walk outside are the ministers of your government, the one who did not go to any official Independence Day ceremony is your prime minister, because he was afraid to confront the people. Miri Regev, also someone who can't walk around anywhere without being opened up, they didn't let her enter Bari."

"One of her close associates, who turns out to be quite a scumbag, demanded in the WhatsApp group to take revenge on Barry to stop the pattern of contact with her. Do you understand what he has brought upon us here? And to leave the country, I did not change my name to Ben Nitai, the fall of his brother made him turn around and come back. He told the negotiating team that they didn't know how to negotiate, and I was sure that the ceiling would fall."

"He says they don't know how to negotiate. The one who gave Shaked the trial file in the 90th minute, the one who sold the entire state of Israel to Laban Gabir and Smotrich, gave 1,027 terrorists to Sinwar for one soldier. Look at this government. Two days ago, May was two hours late for the El Al plane and the whole plane was waiting, Minister Porosh brought his family to the fun in Miron in his role as drivers."

Yanon: "What you said about Regev, today in Israel they painted her as a victim on the way to Bari. But when they painted Hayut with the soldier, the court's ombudsman threatened sanctions on the newspaper. But Miri Regev, Nohva, a despicable murderer on her way to Barry, this is a great cartoon. This is your story."

Ben: "Those in her WhatsApp group are demanding revenge on Barry, don't be surprised that she is painted here."

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Michal Kadosh, 103fm


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