The cut is heating up: the sunglasses you must have this summer

Although there are still a few good months until you return to complaining about the heat and humidity of the Israeli summer. But the optical brands are already starting to drive you crazy with the new collections that offer a multitude of models. It seems that although most of us already have a few models lying in the drawer, we will not give up buying a new pair for the collection this summer either. There are those who will choose a timeless model and others who will prefer a trend whose relevance will last three minutes – each and his own consideration.

ורסאצ'ה (צילום: יח''צ)
Versace (Photo: Yeh'ach)

The optics market in Israel is estimated at 2 billion shekels a year and towards the summer, with the launch of new collections of the super brands, the peak season in the industry is also coming. "The inspiration and agenda behind the new collections for spring-summer 2024 promote boldness, breaking conventions and breaking free from outdated stigmas," says Eleanor Bor Ben-Zvi, Vice President of Marketing at Luxautica Israel. "This mix brings a wide and diverse range of styles influenced by current trends from the fashion world and the lifestyle, taken from the global fashion arenas."

דגם מסכה, אוליבר פיפלס. מחיר: 1,469 שקלים (צילום: יח''צ)
Mask model, Oliver Peoples. Price: NIS 1,469 (Photo: Yeh'ach)

So what's on the menu you ask? In most of the leading eyewear brands you can find collections for men. Alongside innovations and technological developments, you will also find the classic models. Many of the Oakley and Ray Ban models are an excellent example of transience. Whether it's Ray Ban's aviator glasses or Oakley's sports and extreme glasses – alongside the favorite models you'll also discover some that benefit from refreshing innovations.

משקפי ספורט, פרארי. מחיר: 1,919 שקלים (צילום: יח''צ)
Sports glasses, Ferrari. Price: NIS 1,919

Those of you who do not give up on trends and "internet storms" will be happy to discover an ocean of models. The mask trend is getting an upgrade. Iconic frames with presence, modular and innovative designs that emphasize the combination of functionality and design. As if in perfect coordination, the field of sports also receives personal treatment and many brands offer urban sports glasses that "sit on your face".

דגם נהגי מרוצים, ריי באן. מחיר: 529 שקלים (צילום: יח''צ)
Race driver model, Ray Ban. Price: NIS 529 (Photo: Yeh'ach)

This season you will get the models of racing drivers and pilot glasses in a new, narrower and more delicate version. The style is minimalistic and functional but contains new elements such as special cuts, and precise and new shapes to provide maximum comfort. The question of price is not a central consideration and it seems that this season as well as branded glasses you will also be able to find glasses at accessible prices.

קרולינה למקה. צילום: 389.90 שקלים (צילום: יח''צ)
Carolina Lemke. Photography: 389.90 NIS


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